The Center for Biological Systems Engineering houses students from a wide range of backgrounds and programs. The interdisciplinary nature of research being carried out calls for expertise in a huge range of areas, from biophysics to mechanical engineering, computer science to microscopy.

Undergraduate research:

Please contact center faculty directly to discuss the various options. Many labs take students both during the semester and over the summer session.

Graduate students:

While no formal CBSE graduate program exists, graduate students interested in the work being carried out by center faculty members have a wide variety of PhD programs to choose from. The Biomedical Engineering PhD program represents the program with the greatest number of students in the center. However, the are also a significant number of students from the Division of Biological and Biomedical Sciences (DBBS), as well as from the physics graduate program.

If a specific faculty member's research interests you, it is recommended you contact them directly. Washington University in St. Louis is very lucky in that there are, generally, minimal restrictions with respect to the labs graduate students can join.