Anastasio Lab
Computational Bioimaging Laboratory
PI: Professor Mark Anastasio

  • Computational and theoretical image science
  • X-ray phase-contrast imaging; system and algorithm development
  • Image reconstruction methods for photoacoustic tomography
  • Advanced topics in medical image reconstruction

Bieschke Lab
Age-related protein misfolding
PI: Assistant Professor Jan Bieschke

Mechanisms of protein misfolding and aggregation in aging-related diseases such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease:

  • Internalization and cellular fate
  • Endogenous modulator / aging networks
  • Intervention strategies

Bowman Lab
Protein conformation and dynamics
PI: Assistant Professor Greg Bowman

Using simulation and experiment to understand how conformational changes in proteins occur, and how structural dynamics facilitates the flow of information.

  • Allosteric networks within single proteins
  • Cryptic allosteric sites for drug discovery
  • Molecular mechanism of degenerative processes

Naegle Lab
Post-translational Modifications in Cell Signaling Networks
PI: Assistant Professor Kristen Naegle

  • Regulation of PTMs in cell signaling networks
  • Computational & systems biology
  • Novel methods for understanding protein evolution

Pappu Lab
Computational Biophysics and Molecular Engineering
PI: Professor Rohit Pappu

  • Sequence determinants of protein disorder
  • Mechanisms for specific molecular recognition by IDPs
  • Design of protein interaction networks with IDPs as hubs
  • IDP self-assembly and homeostasis as it relates to neurodegeneration

Raman Lab
Systems Neuroscience & Neuromorphic Engineering Laboratory
PI: Assistant Professor Barani Raman

  • Olfactory circuits & sensory processing
  • Principles of neural computing
  • Bio-inspired engineering of intelligent devices

Soranno Lab
Biophysics of protein disorder
PI: Assistant Professor Andrea Soranno

  • Physics of interacellular phase-transitions
  • In-cell biophysics
  • Function and behaviour of intrinsically disordered proteins

Silva Lab
Cardiac Molecular Engineering
PI: Assistant Professor Jonathan Silva

  • We use combined spectroscopic and ionic current detection to observe how changes in the shape of ion channel proteins affect their function.
  • Computational models that use this data as a foundation can predict how molecular conformations shape the heartbeat.

Swamidass Lab
Pharmacology informatics
PI: Assistant Professor S. Joshua Swamidass

  • Inventing computer software to find new ways of treating diseases
  • Identifying either entirely new medicines or new uses for known medicines